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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 3, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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scene right in the middle of downtown washington. this is a city as we have been reporting for days that's been a bit frustrated with this government shutdown, a number of people had been furloughed, quite a bit of anger, there have been some protests. and we only raise this because it's got to be one of the things that investigators will look at. we don't know and be careful to see we don't know what prompted this. could be unrelated. investigators looking at the possibility that relates in some fashion to frustration with the government. that's because it started apparently in the vicinity the white house around 15th and pennsylvania. i'm told a car hit some kind of retaining barricade and then took off down pennsylvania for a number of blocks. about a mile is my best estimate towards the capitol around second and constitution. where that car chase such as it was ended with some gunshots being fired. we don't mow if more than one person, we don't know if more than one person was shot. we don't know who has been shot. we saw helicopters taking one
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injured person from the scene. but what you have now is the police trying to figure out whether they have a threat that goes beyond what's already happened, whether anybody else might be involved. you have this extensive for lack of a better term, crime scene where evidence collectors have to pick up what pieces they can find to figure out what's behind it. we're in the early stages. only thing i would say gives me some hope is the posture and body language of the security officers seems to be a little bit more relaxed and also while the shelter in place is over in the capitol, people being kept coming or going in the capitol and at the white house. we're standing by to see what else we can learn. >> standing by at the white house, has new information. bill, what can you tell us? >> well, we were told here that the incident did begin at the white house as you heard from bob when a driver presumably a woman, tried to ram a car in to the northeast gate of the white house. she was pursued by the secret service, down to capitol hill.
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the driver i'm told was shot, we don't know how seriously. but not until after she had apparently injured somehow running over or some way, a capitol police officer. that is apparently what set this off according to one source here. so it did begin here and carried on down to the capitol. >> bill -- >> as you probably heard, white house security tied tended for awhile but seems to be easing up. >> what about security at the white house? >> well, they had pennsylvania avenue closed for awhile which they do whenever there's a suspicious package or major presidential motorcade, anything like that. so it was closed. there were plenty of officers in evidence, but now they have opened it up again, passholders can come and go. whatever threat was perceived here seems to have diminished. >> bill at the white house, bill, thank you. as bill reported, apparently an automobile tried to ram the
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northeast gate of the white house. we're showing now the block car that nancy cordest, capitol hill correspondent described earlier as having jumped the median there. you can see the police around that vehicle, searching that vehicle inside that vehicle. we don't know the that is the same vehicle that is the one that bill reported tried to ram a gate at the white house. we're looking very closely at this. you can see that the police are as well. we should update everyone too. the capitol hill has been in lockdown for some period of time. there was an alert system that went out all over the capitol and to all of the senate and house office buildings that said gunfire heard on capitol hill. if are you in an office building, shelter in place. it now appears that that lockdown has been lifted. security is still tight in the area. you can see a number of capitol police officers on the scene as they are trying to determine what exactly happened there.
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want to bring back in bob orr. given that the lockdown has been lifted, is this still an active situation? >> no i hesitate to say 100% it's over but it appears to be over at this point. they're trying to double check. we have one person who has been shot, as bill plant reported. this is a person who we believe was driving that car that was involved in the accident. as bill reported also, we have an officer who apparently injured in some fashion. you know, the police really want to double check everything here. they're not putting out any release yet saying it's over. all indications are that whatever played out here in the last hour has now wound down. we still don't know what prompted this, what caused it. that will be the next course of business. also we have to say we have no information whatsoever as to the identity or the condition of the person involved, the person that has been shot. >> bob, thank you. want to bring back in nancy
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cordes on capitol hill. nancy, are you allowed to leave the senate hart building now? >> we are allowed to leave through the north doors, nora. the north side of the hart building, the side that's far away from the crime scene itself. the loud speakers did go on saying that we were able to leave the building. but the interesting thing i guess the ironic thing is that there aren't that many people in the buildings today because we are in a government shutdown. only a handful of staffers in each senate office building are actually still at work. so on a normal day you would have a lot more people milling around on constitution avenue. you would have a lot more people in these offices, would have been a much more difficult scene to contain. but today it's sort of a quasi ghost town around here. capitol police have been going floor by floor trying to keep people away from the windows, but now that the lockdown has
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been lifted the staffers who are here are walking freely around the office building once again coming to the windows to take a look outside. and there is still a police presence here, but it does appear that the situation has been contained. if not resolved. we did see a number of police officers, law enforcement officials walking away from the center of the crime scene. there's still, they're still here possibly preparing for a media briefing. the police tape is still up. it looks like there is one taxi that's been stopped here. a number of capitol police cars. and officials from a variety of law enforcement agencies. they're on the phone, milling around, talking to each other, they're standing guard. but they don't appear to, you know, to be concerned about an ongoing threat. >> nancy, i'll let you continue to gather information. want to return to bill at the white house.
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bill, thats the president been briefed? >> we were just told the president has been briefed on this incident, which apparently began here when the driver of the automobile tried to crash the gate on the other side of the north lawn here at the northeast entrance. and she was pursued, we believe it was a female, she was pursued by a united states secret service uniformed officer. all the way down to capitol hill. at some point on capitol hill a shot was fired or more than one shot. one of which injured, we don't know how seriously, the driver of the car. at the same time the driver of the car injured a capitol police officer either by hitting or in some fashion. but for awhile the white house was locked down outside on the pennsylvania avenue side. but that has now been lifted. they seem to regard the incident as over around the white house. >> bill, thank you.
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want to return now to bob orr. bob, what have you learned? >> well, building on what bill said, i think the incident is over now. it's pretty clear a number of agencies still have people in the field and they're waiting for final reports, but all the posture of officers tells us whatever played out has run its course. we're still trying to get information as to the condition of the person who was shot apparently by a police officer at the end of this pursuit. one person telling me it looked to be a serious injury. i don't want to take it beyond that. we also don't know the extent of the injuries of the officer that may have been hit by the car. in some way was injured during this melee on the hill. it will take some time to come back to normal. we have security people in place, that yellow police tape all over the city from the white house up to the capitol. so as they unwind the situation they will try to get more answers as to what pre-tip stated this, who the woman is, what her motive might have been much those are unanswerable
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questions at the moment. >> any indication from your sources that the shut down has affected any of the security there? are the capitol police being paid? any effect on security? >> i think all security people that need to be there are in place. they would tell you. you know, it's a sore point. the shutdown is causing problems for every federal agency, the fbi for example about half the headquarters is not there. large number of the intelligence community has been furloughed. so you have some residual resentment in the ranks. a lot of people are working now the job, agents, officers, who are not being paid at the moment. but i think from what we could tell from the pictures, police response was robust. i don't think it effected the response. what it might have a bigger role in here is it might speak to motivation. there has been an awful lot of frustration, there have been some protests, angry outbuses, twitter, outbursts, twiter on
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fire, anger with all branches of the government. police officials and security officials over the past couple days, an uptick in the number of threats received in relation to members of congress and members of the administration. we don't want to overstate that. these threats are almost a normal course of business here. but it's been noticeable. people are upset and they're venting and saying so. that said, we still don't know if this is connected, but certainly it is high on the list of checks for investigators as they try to unwind the incident. >> bob, thank you very much. to repeat, an automobile tried today to ram the northeast gate of the white house. the secret service chased the vehicle to capitol hill. this happened just about over an hour ago, just after about 2:00 p.m. eastern standard time. the driver believed to be a woman, shot by the secret service or the police. a u.s. capitol police officer was injured according to the associated press.
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that officer may have been hit by the automobile. there will be more about this story on your local news. and on this cbs station, online at cbs and tonight to cbs evening news. until then, i'm nora o'donnell, cbs news, new lockdown this afternoon aft ust good afternoon,everyone. we continue now with our breaking news coverage out at the u.s. capital. it was on lockdown this afternoon after an apparent shooting. that's just been lifted. cbs news' major garrett reports that the section of pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house, that has been closed off. it all started apparently after a vehicle attempted to slam through the gates at 15th street at the northeast portion of pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house. the driver, a woman, drove
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toward the capital with the police in pursuit around second and 3rd street and constitution avenue. that's where gunshots were fired. one person was hit and there might have been more injuries. capitol police advised everyone to close, lock down, stay inside, lock your doors and windows. and people standing outside the supreme court across the street from congress were hurried into the building by authorities. >> and this is a live look right now. this right now is a picture -- another look at the capitol police on high alert. one twitter user posted this photo of an officer lying on the ground with his gun drawn. at the same time, another twitter photo of officers with machine guns. let's give you another overview of washington, d.c. for a better idea of where all this
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is happening. according to first reports, the votes rang out at constitution and maryland avenue, right by the u.s. capital. nearby is the hart senate office building. many lawmakers and their staffers reported hearing the gunfire there. >> as you might imagine, a huge police presence outside the capitol at this hour. fbi agents are headed to the scene if not already there. pennsylvania avenue is closed to pedestrians. it looks like they have taken care and got the gunman, got the woman, actually, this comes two weeks after a deadly shooting of course in the nearby navy yard amid a government shutdown. >> as the warming was sounded today, senate and the house abruptly went into recess as the warning was sounded today. the lawmakers left the chamber floor. the house just approved legislation at partly lifting the government shutdown by paying national guard and reserve members. >> police at the scene found
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children like this little girl here being carried to safety there and put into a police car. at that point, they really didn't know exactly what was going on if there was a gunman. they heard shots fired. so this was an all-out alert just about everybody in washington, d.c. on hand for this. >> and house minority leader just tweeted this about the security situation. this of course from nancy pelosi. she wrote, all members and staff, we are in temporary lockdown as capitol police work quickly to secure the area. please stay safe. >> now, recapping what we know, a lockdown at the u.s. capitol has been lifted. a woman driving a car tried to crash a gate a block from the white house. secret service officers chased the vehicle all the way down to capitol hill. at some point, shots were fired. the suspect was injured. and security is still tight in the area but there does not appear to be any ongoing threat. we know the president has been briefed and you want to stay
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with kpix 5. we'll have another update in this newscast. new agreement and a new hope. bart is on the right track to avoid a strike one week from today. >> kpix 5's anne makovec reports on the signs of movement on the bart contract talks. anne? >> reporter: negotiations aimed at averting a strike are rolling along with the tentative deal in pensions reached last night. bart would reimburse workers for every 72 cents they contribute. >> it will benefit the workers. >> reporter: but still far apart on wages and healthcare. >> we have been working hard since we received the offer to look at the cost of it and to see what we might say in response. >> reporter: the latest union proposal asks for a 3.75% raise over two years and 4% the third. and a sort of profit sharing agreement, a tenth of a percent raise for every tenth of a
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percent that weekly ridership goes above bart's projection. >> they should have no problem agreeing to our latest proposal which we have presented last night. so we're expecting an agreement. >> reporter: but bart's latest offer is significantly lower, a 2.5% pay raise over four years. >> we were still split on four- year contract versus a three- year contract. and that's very important to us. that's a basic question that we need to settle. >> disgraceful. >> reporter: riders are clearly fed up with the back and forth. >> hope they come to a conclusion shortly because it's affecting a lot of people and makes life miserable. >> let's get it done. >> reporter: now, right now negotiators on both sides are poring over their prospective numbers and will resume negotiations at 1:30 this afternoon. i asked the union members, if we get to the point next week that the cooling-off period is over and there is no deal reached, will you strike? and she said it depends on the circumstances at the time. so no telling what is going to happen next week.
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we'll keep our eye on these negotiations. live in downtown oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> all right, anne, thank you. leaders of the union for 1800 ac transit workers will meet soon to decide what to do next in their situation. they had recommended the members ratify the latest contract offer, but 60% of the members voted no. the latest offer included a bigger raise and lower healthcare cost than one that was voted down this past august. check out new video of this single-engine plane being towed away from trouble. a pilot instructor and trainee were inside when the plane made an emergency landing today in the middle of the rush hour commute on capitol expressway. officers say the instructor managed to avoid power lines in the air and the cars on the ground during the maneuver. >> reporter: it's not something you normally see during a morning commute. >> it doesn't really happen with a plane on the streets. usually they land in the airport over there.
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>> reporter: but around 8 a.m., this small fixed wing single- engine plane landed in the right turn lane on east san jose's capitol expressway. >> i was trying to make a right turn until i saw the plane. >> reporter: police say shortly after take-off there was a malfunction and the pilot had to bring the plane down. >> they were very glad that he was able to avoid power lines, pedestrians, vehicles. it actually turned out very good for everybody involved. >> i saw the plane landing so i came around and saw the pilot just get out of the plane. >> reporter: the pilot instructor and a student on board were lucky to walk away with no injuries. and there was no visible damage to the plane, owned by amelia reed aviation, a company that operates a flight training school out of nearby reid- hillview airport. >> according to the "mercury news," police say they notified the faa and national transportation safety board about the emergency landing but any investigation will likely be delayed due to the federal government shutdown. it is supposed to be one of
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the safest cars in america but tesla motors is now being questioned about its safety after a tesla model s burst into flames yesterday. metal debris hit the car's battery starting that fire. now, shares of electric carmaker are trading lower today after video of the fire went viral. it's down about 3.5%. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us, the incident is burning investors and tesla's reputation. >> reporter: it was just ranked the safest car in america. but this video is far from the picture of perfection. >> it's a tesla, dude! >> reporter: the palo alto company has another fire to put out today, this one on wall street. >> if this happens again, it will really have a big problem especially with consumer confidence and investor confidence. >> reporter: tesla motors was revving towards becoming the world's most profitable seller of battery powered autos. this year, tesla's shares surged more than 400% after the launch of the successful model s. the s is powered by lit john
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ion chemistry used in batteries that power laptops and mobile phones. but this video of a tesla on fire that went viral on the internet could be a roadblock. yesterday, tesla's stock fell 6.2% to about $180. that's the biggest one-day drop since july. >> investors are selling heavily though because tesla's stock has been soaring this year. it's up 5 times over since the beginning of the year. so in this case, it's a simple case of some bad news is resulting in selling. >> reporter: to make matters worse, the video comes after a financial analyst downgraded the electric car company. analysts are leery over tesla's plans to boost production and add new models and they said the stock was overvalued. >> it was just two years ago when battery fires broke out in three chevrolet volt hybrid cars after crash testing. the fires damaged the volt's reputation and sales. but kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks says it's still too soon to see if tesla's incident will have
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lasting effects. >> reporter: in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> a company spokesman says the fire is a result of the delicious and the damage the car sustained. we'll have more on the developing situation in the nation's capital coming up. shots were fired. perhaps an injured officer. one person is down and we'll have the very latest when we come back. ,,,,,,
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driver's licenses. as you can see.. huge crowds surround the govenor as he s the f new details. governor brown just signed illegal immigrants driver's licenses, huge crowds blocking the view of the signing. those licenses will be marked differently from the standard california licenses and will not be considered valid federal identification. the licenses are expected to be issued starting january 2015. have you ever wondered what an offshore flow looks like? well, let me show you. the coast is clear. good afternoon, everyone. this is our live pictures weather camera looking live kpix 5 camera. san francisco 65. all the way up to 71 degrees apiece in livermore and santa rosa. currently the winds out of the northwest at 16 and we have the humidity down to 23%. here's what you need to know this afternoon. the winds are going to be increasing by the evening
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commute. clear skies tonight a very starry night but a wind advisory goes into place at 6:00. and we do have high fire danger more on that. but let's explain that setup. a huge ridge of high pressure continues to build. area of low pressure inland. between the two is called a pressure gradient causing extremely windy conditions from northern california all the way to southern california, where we will have those very strong santa ana winds, as well. now, we have a red flag warning in effect for anything above 1,000 feet. so that encompasses mount umunum, mount tam, also mount tamalpais in the north bay and here in the eastern portion of the bay area, mount diablo. so anything above 1,000 feet, tie it down, with wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. it looks like today's highs 66 in pacifica, 81 livermore, 80 santa rosa. the extended forecast calls for temperatures each day to climb all the way through the weekend. we will not see the return of the marine layer until monday
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night along the seashore. that's the pinpoint forecast. frank, michelle? >> thank you. we are going to get back to breaking news out of washington, d.c. police on high alert following a shooting outside of the senate building. you can see lawmakers is still out there. the shooting forced the capital on lockdown just about an hour ago. cbs news says it started when a car -- a woman in a car tried to ram a gate at the white house. secret service chased that vehicle to capitol hill where then that female suspect was shot. a police officer was also injured. cbs' bill plante was on the scene and filed a report about it -- [ pause ] -- and told us, uhm, about this incident. again it is ongoing. we are continuing to follow these developing details. >> and, of course, that put the entire capital and most of washington, d.c. on lockdown. they closed off the portion of pennsylvania avenue right in front of the white house because that's where this all started. worked its way down pennsylvania avenue where they finally found this woman who
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had crashed her car. she was shot. and she may have driven over one of the police officers there so there might be an officer that is injured, as well. but they weren't sure if she was working alone or what happened. >> the female suspect is injured, as well. at this point, we don't know the extent of her injuries. and we don't know the extent of the police officer. but we are going to continue to follow this. we'll have more updates on this tonight on kpix 5 and on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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